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After the schools, the next direction in which an attempt was made to improve the condition of the poor in London was in the matter of housing. The Board of Works first and the London County Council afterward began some forty years ago buying vast areas in the crowded parts of London, clearing them of the disreputable buildings, and then offering them for sale again to persons who would agree to erect on them sanitary dwellings for the working classes. The Metropolitan Board of Works, for example, purchased forty-two acres in different parts of the city for clearance. After the buildings had been torn down and the sites resold, it was estimated that the net cost would be about £1,320,619 or about ,603,395. There lived on this area 22,872 persons, so that the net cost of cleaning up this area and moving the population into better quarters was something like 1 for each individual inhabitant.


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The ancient chorus, solemn, dread,

And the first thing Macfarren saw, Mrs. Van Tromp's train was over her arm and she was capering about as furiously as Lady Marian.

"I cannot restrain my men in the face of your insults," the bearded Aga Kagan roared. "These hens of mine have feathers—and talons as well!"

"Feed a candle into every building, Lieutenant. We'll get these Gooks in the open and interrogate till we find our man."

Instead of which George broke his promise, and behaved like a bear. He was a man who could not conceal his aversions, and seldom attempted to do so; and the mere sight of Mr. Kennard at his table, sleek and urbane, and indifferent to his dislike, incensed him and rendered him glum and ungracious. He talked, when he talked at all,

Considerably to the right and about half way down in the section of Aphrodite sat Pasicles, Cleodice, Polygnotus, Corinna, Zopyrus, Eumetis and the lad Mimnermus. Bright colored kerchiefs adorned the heads of the women all over the assemblage, giving a gala appearance to the scene. At intervals over the theatre there were raised seats with high ornate backs, arm-rests and cushions. These were reserved for judges and officials or for any who were deemed deserving to occupy them. In one of these seats near the front of the section of Dionysus sat the tragedian, Phrynichus, so privileged as the composer of the tragedy, “The Capture of Miletus,” which was about to be enacted. Next to him was seated Aeschylus, his younger contemporary and staunch admirer.


No doubt the Colonel was astute enough to realize that the chums must have undergone many hardships, and encountered numerous perils while trying to get on the track of the missing Frank. He did not ask for incidents, however. If, later on, the boys cared to go deeper into details he would be only too well pleased to listen; but just now the rough outlines of the case satisfied him.

“Is that true, papa?” Frances said.

“Once more, Wolfie! Once more!” chattered the Boy through teeth that clicked together like castanets.

1.  看似“特殊”病例的背后皆有“阴阳之谜”,破解方法多种,首先是提高核酸检测阳性率。除上述防控方案规范采集方法,医院和企业在研发准确率更高的试剂盒,医护人员在提高采样技术水平,专家学者在探讨新增抗体检测等不同方法验证病原学结果。

2."It is disillusioning, I know," Retief said. "Still, of such little surprises is history made. Sign here." He held the parchment out and offered a pen. "A nice clear signature, please. We wouldn't want any quibbling about the legality of the treaty, after conducting the negotiation with such scrupulous regard for the niceties."


“Yes; you bit and kicked. And you did other disagreeable things besides. Now, I was a swan.”


The coming of the little group evidently surprised them considerably, for they were not in the habit of having visitors. When they did come, it was from the fleet, bringing supplies and ammunition, and more quick-firing guns with which to hold the savage Turks at bay when they fought to hurl the men in khaki into the sea.